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How ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneurs build their websites

Have you ever watched Shark Tank and fantasized about the business you are going to build? Or, while watching the show, see similarities about your own small business?

If you are going to build a business (or grow the business you’ve already started), you need to have a website.

So, where do you start? How do you even begin?

If you aren’t going to build your own website one line of code at a time — engineers get paid top dollar to do this — then you are going to need a content management system, or “CMS” for short. That’s a computer application that allows you to operate a website without necessarily having to be an engineer. You use CMS to publish and edit online content.

And if you are going to be selling products on your website, then you are going to need an e-commerce management application to interact with customers. You need software that allows you to offer products for sale online and accept payment, among other more nuanced functions.

Austin, Texas-based hosting service WP Engine went through all five seasons of Shark Tank to determine what CMS and e-commerce platforms the contestants were using. WordPress and Shopify were the breakaway winners.

To be sure, using Shark Tank contestants as a sample pool is not necessarily representative of the overall entrepreneurial community.

But, as you are sitting on your couch, watching Barbara Corcoran invest in an entrepreneur and planning your own blockbuster venture, here’s a glimpse into how those on TV are getting started.

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