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3 Ways To Make Your Webpage Stand Out

How many times have we all seen a brilliant product or concept, and then the webpage is just… meh? People visit your site expecting something beautiful and functional, so you need to make sure it doesn’t disappoint! Here are 3 ways to take your webpage to the next level and make sure you meet your customers’ expectations.

1. Keep It Simple

As a baseline, your webpages should be simple and elegant. This might seem obvious, but be sure to consider the attention span of your site visitors.

Think of your website as being like a house tour. Real estate agents guide visitors through a property so that the house seems like it flows well and is conducive to the buyer’s needs. Think about your site in the same way. You want, from the very beginning, to nudge visitors in the direction that makes the most sense for what you’re providing on your site.

Small things like adding photos and calls to action and utilizing whitespace will help to focus your visitors’ attention on exactly what you want them to do or see.

2. Increase Your Readability

When writing blog content or title pages, or even showcasing reviews, make sure your content is very easy to read, both in terms of the content and the legibility. If something is difficult to read, people are likely to look for their answer or solution elsewhere.

Use devices to interrupt the reader’s attention in order to captivate and reset the timer on their attention span. Using tactics such as small paragraphs, bold font on main points, bulleted lists, and line breaks can be helpful.

Additionally, think about your use of color, which can have a major impact on time on site. Website visitors are typically task-oriented and are looking for a solution or answer, and that needs to be presented to them in a highly readable fashion.

3. Easy Navigation

The navigation of your site should be incredibly simple and linked to itself. Logos should lead to the homepage, each page should be easy to click on, and the menu lists should be navigable from each separate page. These techniques give your visitors more reasons to stay on your site.

Another potential option related to navigation is a scrolling website, which is when the site is one long scroll. With this type of site, the navigation will simply jump the screen to the appropriate page as you scroll. This gives the reader two ways to reach the content they’d like to see, which makes it even easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

Time is money when it comes to staying power on your site, and a beautiful webpage is the best place to start. Considering all of the effort you’re likely making to get bring in visitors, it is crucial to pay close attention to the design, readability, and navigation on your website.